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Whether you just bought a new car or love keeping your automobile, you are surely worried about the scratches that are just not preventable. Whether it is the usual door dings, side scratches or the occasional damage to the roof from hail, seeing your prized possession with scuff marks can be disheartening. You would have to take your car to a repair store, wait days for the dents and dings to get fixed and then pay a handsome amount for the bodywork. However, with the latest dent repair techniques, you can avail the best mobile dent repair San Deigo has to offer.

Services We Offer

With decades of experience working with customers all over the city of San Deigo, we understand how important your car is to you and your family. With an efficient working environment and a reasonable pricing plan, we offer a wide range of mobile dent repair services that depend on what service your car requires.

Depending on what physical impact the automobile has undergone, there are various services that out professional technicians can offer. These mobile dent repairs will ensure that the traces of the dents and the wrinkles are removed each time, making your car look like it just came out of the showroom. Unlike most mobile dent repair San Diego services that provide limited types of dent repair services, our business offers your car the care it deserves. The various mobile dent repair services we offer include:

· Specialized paintless dent repair work to ensure a low-cost dent repair.

· Damage repair caused to the car by a hail storm, causing dents on the sides and the roof.

· Any dent that may have been resulted from external impact.

· Bumper repair services.

· Headlamp Restoration services.

How Do We do It?

We have mastered the technique of paintless dent removal, which can be used to fix the dents and dings on your automobile with ease. The paintless dent removal procedure helps car owners to remove the dents without having to go expensive and time-consuming bodywork. The most common technique for paintless dent removal includes the use of body picks and steel poles to push out the dents from under the surface of the body panel.

In order to remove the dents and prevent them from settling in and arising again, special adhesives are used on the body panel of the car. Our experts will then use “tapping” procedure to bring the dented part of the body back to its former look once the majority of the dent has been physically removed. Since this procedure can be followed on any form of the body panel, it is ideal for any car, whether it has a steel body panel or aluminum body panel.

It is important that the dent removal procedure is conducted only by experts, since applying too much pressure can deepen the dent and make it impossible to fix without bodywork. In order to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best, we have acquired the latest paintless dent repair equipment to give you a state of the art service.

Our Team Of Professionals

While removing the dents may seem nothing out of the ordinary, doing the procedure in the wrong manner can do more harm than good. To ensure that our customers do not suffer at the hands of poor service, we have created a team of talented technicians who are educated and trained for mobile dent repair San Diego. With a top-notch team that has years of knowledge in different techniques of dent repair, you can sit back and relax. Our technicians will always be happy to assist you with your queries and ensure that the job gets done in time. With years of experience in testing and perfecting the different paintless dent removal techniques, our technicians will ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

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If you have been bothered by all the dings and dents left on the door body panels, or upset by the condition of your car roof after the hail storm, get it touch with the best mobile dent repair San Diego has to offer. Our friendly technicians will have a look at your car, help you inspect the damages yourself and give you a free quote then and there. With numerous satisfied customers, we will make sure that your car looks as good as it did the day you bought it.

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