FAQ on Dent Repair

Our customers always come up with numerous questions about dent removal process, and other queries related to the subject. Since we always aim to help our customers and look forward to resolving their queries in a timely manner, we have come up with this FAQ section to clear your doubts and answer your questions. We hope this section resolves all your queries and does not leave any confusions in your mind.

Q: How Does Dent Repair Work?

A: In simple terms, dent repair is a term used to describe a procedure of analyzing the broken area on your car’s surface with specialized tools. In addition to this, we use a wide range of approaches to maneuver the dent and alleviate stress without any damages to your car’s surface.

Q: Is Pop A Dent Effective?

A: As a trusted dent repair and removal company, we never advise these products. They can cause more damage to your car’s surface. In fact, it is even tough for experienced and skilled technicians to use these products. A lot of our customers dent their vehicles using DIY items or trying to repair a dent themselves.

Though Pop A Dent seems to be an affordable choice, it often leads to more damages. Therefore, it is always better to hire professionals for the job. Our experts make sure your dent is removed efficiently without any more damages.

Q: Will the Process Affect the Paint on the Vehicle?

A: In case your vehicle has a glossy or high-quality finish, our dent repair services won’t affect the existing paint on your car. It is worth mentioning that manufacturing facility paints and finishes have good flexibility. They stick to the car’s surface, and endure a dent without any problems.

Q: What is the Cost of Dent Repair?

A: Without seeing the extent of damage, it is difficult for us to give you a quote. Dents are available in many different dimensions and sizes. While some are simple, others are complicated. On average, dent repairs often range from $100 to $200. A little dent repair job can even cost as low as $20.

Q: Do You Need to Notify Your Insurance?

A: Once again, it depends on the extent of damage. In most cases, insurance is not necessary. As a reputed dent repair company, we’re always delighted to partner with established insurance companies. However, our services are very affordable, and you don’t need to seek coverage for repair jobs. There’s no need to keep your premiums climbing.

Q. Why Should You Choose Us?

A: Last but not the least, many people wonder why choosing our company is the right choice. It’s worth mentioning that we have been in the industry for a long time. The rich experience and expertise of our employees makes us the best in the business. Our affordable, high quality and timely services have allowed us to build a very strong reputation in the industry.

Our high customer retention rate speaks for itself. We can guarantee that our specialists will make all possible efforts to remove dents from your car, and restore your car’s surface to original condition. With our services, you will be completely satisfied.

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